Vex's Staff Application

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Vex's Staff Application

Post by I am Vex on Thu Jun 23, 2016 10:11 pm

RP Name:
ARC DrillSGT 3622 Vex, Jedi Youngling Vexy

Steam Name:

Steam ID:

15 (Oct 13 2000)

Time Zone:
Eastern Standard (ON CAN)

Estimate of how long you have played on Unlimited Gaming ?:
48hrs +

Why would you make a good addition too the staff team?:
I feel like I can prevent the amount of minges that join our community by punishing them as soon as I see it. I am online most of the day, So I would be able to catch the minges at place. I also see a lot of people asking for staffs help for like 10 minutes and doesnt get any. I would say that Im pretty active then most of the people on this server which would make me a good member. I am really good at planning very fun events and I look forward to one day, become the event creator.

Staff History (OPTIONAL):
I have been staff on another Clonewars RP server, I handled most of the minges, events and any other staff handiwork. And I have a donator class wich contains freeze, goto, noclip, jail and I have been helping out with the minges on this server.

Everyday from 4PM - 10PM (Depends on irl situation)

Who referred you too apply (OPTIONAL):
Grandmaster Yoda

Which current staff member on Star Wars Rp would you say is your "role model":
Grandmaster yoda, and Plo Koon. When I see them teleport to an rdm'ing cr and teach them a lesson really inspires me to become a staff member

Are you fond of our current rules (Y/N):

If you could add, change, remove, or do anything to the current rules, what would it be?:
When someone calls for admin, The "admin" has to completely stop their roleplay and go help those whos in need.

Has everything on this application be truthful? (Y/N):

I am Vex

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