Tro's Game Master Application

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Tro's Game Master Application

Post by TroTheGamer on Sat Jun 18, 2016 12:54 pm

RP Name: Senate Commando PVT Tro

Steam Name: TroTheGamer

Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:84810584


Time Zone: EST

Estimate of how long you have played on Unlimited Gaming ?: 3-5 Hours

Why would you make a good addition too the staff team?: There's no current game master when we have people on we need a way to get them hooked and play and having like a story and something fun todo is great.

Staff History (OPTIONAL): I have been staff on any thing you can name DarkRP. Starwars and some 1942 rps. So I know how to use ULX and run a server.

Availability: 6-8 hours a day from 12am-6pm or 9pm-1am.

Who referred you too apply (OPTIONAL):

Which current staff member on Star Wars Rp would you say is your "role model":Aaron my commander he's a pretty cold dude.

Are you fond of our current rules (Y/N):I know them but they need a little tweaking so Y/N.

If you could add, change, remove, or do anything to the current rules, what would it be?: You need to make better talking and communitcation like make advert and /ooc a thing instead of just having it look normal. Make people salute or demotion have commanders run their battalions like they are the owner.

Has everything on this application be truthful? (Y/N):Y


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Re: Tro's Game Master Application

Post by [UG]Gaming Hexa on Sat Jun 18, 2016 8:15 pm

Great job tro! i think you should be accepted cause you would be a great staff member!

          -Commander Carter [SERVER STAFF]

[UG]Gaming Hexa

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